Replacement In-tank Fuel Pump for FZJ80 LS V8 Swaps


This pump is an easy replacement to get more fuel pressure out of your stock sending unit. We use them in FZJ80 LS V8 conversions. With just a few minutes of install time you can greatly increase fuel pressure & volume. Perfect for both GM LS and Ford Coyote engine swaps in 80 series Land Cruisers or for higher boost Turbo applications for 1FZ-fe motors in 80 Series Land Cruisers.

Yes, you’re reading this correctly. The plug is directly compatible with your Toyota sending unit. You simply yank your old Toyota pump and hook this one up.

Manufacturer’s Description:

The Hyperfuelâ„¢ high-pressure 255 LPH Flex Fuel in-tank fuel pumps will allow a vehicle to run on pump gas, E85 or any mixture of the two. Get the maximum performance when using E85 or the maximum range when using pump gas. With the ability to blend an extended range and performance with any mixture of gasoline and E85 used. These are extremely high quality in-tank fuel pumps and are used in vehicles for street performance or racing purposes where higher pressure fuel is necessary. Supporting up to 650hp for EFI applications and up to 750hp for carbureted applications.

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Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6.25 × 3.13 × 2.88 in
Land Cruiser Series

80 Series


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